Our Themed Pony Adventures are
Inspiring and …..

A child’s first taste of riding has to be exciting, fun and safe. Watching children’s reactions when they feel comfortable on a pony -it’s special. We aim to make every child smile when they take part in our pony adventures and we do this through our inspiring themes. Our team of animated equestrian enthusiasts have been trained to work with young children and they know just the right things to say to make your child relax.


At Star Equestrian we know all about delivering a customer experience. Whether your child has never been close to a pony before or they have already learnt how to trot we will excite and challenge their abilities to make sure they have the best time ever. We understand that every child is unique and we take time to think about how everyone visiting feels included and special. We encourage our customers to come dressed up for our themes and you will receive a special invitation to capture the magic before you arrive. The pony adventure lasts for two hours and takes place where there is mystical beauty and props with characters designed to stimulate an amazing time.

“By positively inspiring our children with our themed adventures they will feel relaxed on a pony and learn much faster how to gain balance and technique.” Jennifer Nash, Coach at Star Equestrian


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